5 ineffective SEO Practices that can cost your website ranking

Your website could look interesting or informative, but it is not going to get any attention

unless searchers are able to find it in the internet easily. One reason they have difficulty

locating a website is ineffective search engine optimization – a process of improving the

visibility of a website on the search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing. As the search

engine’s algorythm is being imporved every year, commonly used SEO practices are no longer

effective. Below, we discussed about 5 SEO practice that you should avoid.

Keyword Usage

Improper keyword usage is one of the worst SEO practices. The “invisible” meta tag – an HTML

element – often used to help search engines locate keywords, is considered as an ineffective

practice Since 2011. Hiding keywords by making the text the same color as the page’s

background is also considered inappropriate; many search applicaton consider this to be a

type of spamming.

Copied Content

Using duplicating content is another poor SEO practice that website owners often resort to.

Website owners may arrange additional websites containing identical content with hope that

it would increase the chances of search engine recognition. Unfortunately, modern search

engines rank the content only once, leaving the additional copy cat sites useless. It also

unnecessarily engage search engine’s resource that could be otherwise used for improving the

rank of the original website.

Improper usage of pictures

Adding Flash based videos or animation can boost up the aesthetic value of a website, but it

does not necessarily help the process of Search Engine Optimization. Sites filled with

images or animations supported by by inadequate text don’t index very well with search

engines such as Google. If you must use images, then use the keyword or the closest word

describing that image in the HTML ‘alt’ tag associated with the image.

Abusing Links

Purchasing links to highly ranked websites may increase the number of page views. However,

modern search engine algorythms are able to recognize this ill-practice, and it can result

in a site being banned temporarily or parmanently. Exchanging links with other websites to

boost ranking is also considered a malpractice. A more acceptable alternative is to Swap

links with related websites as a means to earn added value for the website owners.

Wrong Keyword Usage

If your website contains multiple pages, it is not a good practice to use the same keywords

on every page. The lack of proper keyword research to come up with the best keywords for a

page or website is another common mistake website owners do while working with SEO.