Top 5 Programming Languages to Learn in 2015

“Which programming languages should I learn?”

This is the most common question that is frequently asked by beginners and experts al...


5 ineffective SEO Practices that can cost your website ranking

Your website could look interesting or informative, but it is not going to get any attention

unless searchers are able to find it ...


Top 10 Most Usable Content Management Systems

1. WordPress

What is there left to say about WordPress that hasn’t already been said? The PHP blogging platform is far and away the...


Java programming language

virtual machine, a program written in native code on the host hardware that translates generic Java bytecode into usable code on th...


PHP programming language

The computer language PHP (originally “Personal Home Page”, but now a recursive acronym for “PHP Hypertext Preprocessor”) is a wide...


15 Exercises for Learning a new Programming Language

I’ve working knowledge of a bunch of programming languages but job demands to learn a new language frequently in a short time...


10 Most Bizarre Programming Languages Ever Created

There is nothing more frustrating for a web developer than spending hours at a time fixing a bug that should just work...


What Makes a Good Programming Language?

There are plenty of programming languages around...


Google’s Go: A New Programming Language That’s Python Meets C++

Big news for developers out there: Google has just announced the release of a new, open sourced programming language called Go...


The Nice programming language


Nice is a new programming language...

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